Delaware Commons, Fishers

Mr. Mouser, with Studio A, is responsible for the site development of this 38 acre multi-use project consisting of a commercial/retail center, five out lots and an industrial site.  The design for widening Cumberland Road to accommodate a center turn lane and an accel/decel lane for the new curb cut to the site was also completed.  Coordination with Duke Entergy provided for the relocation of three existing overhead power poles.  Multiple drainage, water and sewer design services were included.  The existing pond and downstream watershed was analyzed to determine whether the existing pond could be used as the bmp for the project site.  1,900 linear feet of 8” sanitary sewer main extension and 3,200 lineal feet of storm sewer were designed.  Coordination with Citizens/IWC was required during the design of the 1,700 lineal feet of 12” water main to service the project site and future phases.  Coordination with Marathon Petroleum was also necessary to relocate a 6” high pressure gas line that ran diagonally across the southeast corner of the project site.



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